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Business Description

Emerson Groundwater Consultants Inc. (EGCI) was founded by Mr. Daniel Emerson in 1996. The company provides specialist technical expertise within the general field of hydrogeology, specializing in groundwater modeling and water supply. Based in Port Alberni, British Columbia, EGCI has completed projects in Canada, the United States, South America, New Zealand, and Indonesia. EGCI’s client base includes local governments, small businesses, and other consulting firms seeking specialized groundwater expertise.

Technical Expertise

We have extensive experience in calculating water budgets, 3-D numerical groundwater modeling, and assessment of water supplies. We have developed specialized computer code for the solution of coupled flow and transport equations. We have provided hydrogeologic support for dam safety and slope stability analyses, and have experience in groundwater field investigations, and surface and groundwater quality modeling.

Our team is experienced in using finite element and finite difference codes for the hydrogeologic assessment of sites ranging from local to basin scale. We are skilled in simulating density dependent flow and saturated/unsaturated conditions. We are knowledgeable in the application of hydrogeologic principles for the evaluation of long- and short-term aquifer yield and well performance.

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